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Looking for a better way to get involved,
expand your network,
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Professional Networking
We are one of the longest
running Professional Networking groups
in Montrose, Colorado.
Working Together
We enjoy working every week to help
our local experts with personal
and professional development.
Building Businesses
Why the Montrose Professional Network?
Together we build your business!

Why the Montrose Professional Network?

Together we build your business!

worker floralSocial gatherings over lunch or drinks can be fun, and when done right can yield contacts with professionals or business leads; but most professionals will find that it is more effective and more cost efficient to meet regularly in a professional setting.

With an established meeting place, time, and agenda, The Montrose Professional Network delivers more pre-qualified leads than even the best mixer or meet and greet. There is no better lead than a warm referral from a trusted colleague who knows your business.  

Montrose Professional Network is a networking group for professionals who are serious about building their business, their brand, and their community.  We meet weekly to expand our knowledge of each other's businesses in the network so that we are able to pass on pre-qualified leads who need your product or service.  Personal and professional development is part of every meeting to sharpen your saw in preparation for a productive week.

Come join us every Wednesday and watch your business grow.
Meetings 7:30 am Wednesdays

We do field trips and breakfast on the first Wednesday of the month. Contact us for location.

Farm Bureau Insurance
1122 N. Townsend Ave.
Montrose, CO 81401

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